Way Of The Heart Yoga

Flowing with intuition

Dear Yogis,

If you’re not aware of it already, your mind is so amazingly active - it has to be to take in the incredible amount of information & filter out what it needs. But even that huge amount of information isn’t enough for the mind - it is so greedy for more that a lot of the time it just makes it up. You know how it is - you’ve got something important coming up; or you’ve got lots of work to do; or there’s something you’re worried about.

The mind goes into overdrive - it starts to make up what it thinks will happen. But then it changes its mind and makes up a different set of events. And another. And another. Before too long, you’ve just thought of ten different versions of what will happen.

Perhaps one of those made-up scenarios actually happens - would it have happened if you hadn’t thought about it? Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps your thinking about it made it happen - or at leastcoloured your experience of it.

But as we were thinking about those made-up future events we lost contact with what was actually happening at that time - we lost time in the now thinking about made-up futures.

Yoga teaches us that there is a space inside, let’s call it the heart, that always knows just what to do - all we have to do is learn to listen. Through Yoga, we calm our chattering mind so we can listen to that inner guide, that inner wisdomNo two minds - one simple, focussed way of living.

Living from your heart means living without control, without doubt, without fear. With knowledge that whatever we are doing is the right thing.

Life just becomes so much simpler. And with your mind focussing on what it does best - assimilating & processing information - life takes on a new vibrancy, a new clarity, a new beauty.