Way Of The Heart Yoga

Flowing with intuition

Dear Yogis,

Our first classes of Yoga can prove to be pretty nerve-wracking. But as your Yoga practice progresses, those fears, those insecurities that caused your anxiety somehow drop away. Now you could put that down to familiarity, but at the same time as your confidence grows in class (hey maybe you even start using a mat in the front row and not hiding your beautiful self at the back? ;-)) you find that the fears & insecurities that affect your every day life drop away. I’ve seen it happen many times to many people.

Class normally follows a pretty similar format: we open & strengthen our body; we relax ourselves down on the floor; and we breathe our way deeper inside of ourselves. And then the really incredible thing happens - you let your body go.

Just for a little while, you’ve let all control of your body godeeply surrendered it to the ground. And as you let go of your body, you let go of those fears, those insecurities. It’s almost as if thefears & insecurities manifested themselves in your body, and are released when you let your body go.

You start to become free of the shackles of fear & insecurity, freer & ultimately more able to love.

Stretch, relax, breathe, let go. Yoga is that simple. Yoga is that beautiful.