Way Of The Heart Yoga

Flowing with intuition

Namaste lovely people.

Yoga can be pretty intense. When you first start, you’ll be stretching muscles you’d probably forgotten about - or maybe didn’t even know you had :-). However ”advanced” we are in our practice, there are always going to be postures that for whatever reason we find really difficult.

Just like in life, when difficulty presents itself, most of us react in a couple of ways - we either run away from it or we confront it head on, determined to beat it.

Either way - it’s not much fun is it?

So how can you make it fun? How can you make dropping into intensedifficulttight situations actually rather enjoyable?

You just have to learn to play… to try new thingsnew ways of approaching the postures, to find your own limits and toy with them, to gently & kindly push them this way and that until you find just how to move beyond your current limits. Now of course that’s easier said than done.

As a Yoga teacher, I’m here to guide you into each posture: to show you how to stretch that bit further; to show you how to relax the intensity off; to urge you to be freeplayful, as you search for more space in each posture.

But most of all I’m here to remind you to breathe & smile. After all, Yoga is a search for joy, for bliss, not just in the stretches or meditations, but in every moment of life.

Every week, more & more of you are coming along to find that joy. I love seeing you walk out (hey, some of you have told me you float out :-)) grinning from ear to ear. I know that as you take that grin with you into your everyday life, you are giving yourself the opportunity to play with the intensity of life itself.

Love Jimmi x

P.S. If you have your own mat, could you please bring it along with you to class? Thank you!