Way Of The Heart Yoga

Flowing with intuition

Jimmi came to Yoga at a health club in London 6 years ago. As his body became stronger and more flexible, Jimmi noticed that he was leaving class with a calmer mind. After some basic Yoga reading, Jimmi decided to search for somewhere to explore this deeper side of Yoga more fully.

In 2006 Jimmi found his teacher, Steve Harrison, at the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton. He found that he was beginning to get a true understanding of the philosophy underpinning Yoga. When a Teacher Training and Advanced Yoga Studies course was announced at the Yoga Sanctuary, Jimmi leapt at the chance - both to deepen his personal practice and at the same time have the chance to share his love of Yoga with others through teaching. Jimmi completed the course in October 2008, and has since been teaching classes of varying sizes from small groups to 30 people, as well as giving private tuition.

Jimmi teaches from the heart, always remembering that a Yoga practice is an individual journey which is always adaptable for every individual. Jimmi weaves Yoga philosophy into his classes so that students can get an authentic understanding of the Yoga tradition.