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Om Yogis,

It’s no secret that practising Yoga brings you freedom: freedom in your body; freedom in your breath; freedom in your mind. Yoga is such an incredible practice for finding freedom in everything you do, everything you feel.

There is a real power when people come together with a common purpose. When people come to a Yoga class with the purpose of finding freedom in their lives, the effect of Yoga is magnified. The practising Yogis support & encourage one another just by the sharing of a space & a purpose.

When people come together to a Yoga class with this common purpose, we call this a Sangha. As the Sangha flows regularly together, you start to notice how the freedom of one benefits the freedom of all. Sometimes this is in the form of movement, an unexpected opening or deepening of a posture rippling through the group. Sometimes, the breath of the whole Sangha flows together, inhales & exhales in perfect timing.

Flowing together is such a beautiful thing to experience. I hope to see you in class soon & to share in flowing with you in our search for deeper freedom.

Om Prema Jimmi